Look, if it were easy, you’d already be in shape; but it’s not. We all need help, and that’s what our community, programming and coaching are all set up for: Help you be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be!

The Boxing Prescription Difference


Getting started correctly is the cornerstone of any effective program and we provide each person with a solid base of fundamentals so they know what they’re doing and are able to apply it in classes and in real-life situations. No flailing away on the bag; we want you punching and moving with intention and purpose.

Goal Setting

Before you set out on any journey, you need to have a clear idea of where you’re heading. That is most important in the area of health, fitness and sport. We will help you set and achieve your goals in a systematic and realistic way.


Proper coaching is key to making consistent progress. All of our coaches have solid backgrounds in not just boxing and boxing training, but in all aspects of fitness and physical training. Our coaches are not just cheerleaders; they are fully trained professionals who help you achieve your goals.


Each weekly program is set up so that you’re constantly challenged and making progress. You don’t have to worry about doing the right actions to reach your goals. You just arrive and get to work.


At The Boxing Prescription, there is a solid community of like-minded people seeking to improve themselves. This understanding in the group makes it more likely that you’ll achieve your goals and stick with the program.Each person in the class will encourage you to do better than the last time. And knowing that you have people waiting for you makes it more likely that you will show up, holding you accountable and making better progress.

Coach for Life Program

At The Boxing Prescription everyone gets their own private coach, with each client being trained according to their abilities, goals and limitations. The Coach for Life program produces superior results in regular classes.

Here are some of the specific benefits of the Program:

Movement Mastery

People in group boxing classes don’t usually learn how to box. They often just flail away on the bag. They get sweaty but they also develop bad habits that are hard to correct and they never actually learn how to box. At The Boxing Prescription we’ll get you going the right way.

No Injuries

By teaching you proper mechanics and assessing your areas of weakness, we are able to make sure you don’t get injured. Your risk of injury drops to almost zero, another reason why the Coach for Life Program is so effective.

Testing and Assessment

Assessing and testing allows us to design the most efficient program that enables you to achieve your goals more quickly and directly.

Faster Results

Having your own private coach provides faster and more streamlined results without wasting time doing things that don’t contribute to achieving your goals.

Weight and Fat Loss

Faster results mean getting leaner and more toned more quickly and more efficiently. With your coach guiding and teaching you the correct way to do things in a program designed just for you, the weight and fat loss are faster.

We have observed that typical aerobic boxing and kickboxing programs do not provide people with proper training. Students reach a plateau very quickly and develop bad movement patterns that are more difficult to correct. They also run a higher risk of injury.

We guarantee laser-beam-precise training with amazing results, so that you feel empowered and educated. What we offer here is simply the best approach with the best possible results.

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